SJT Technology
SAMJIN HYDROHEAT Technology and Principle
I'll let you know about the principle of SAMJIN HYDROHEAT
Comparison of Technology between Existing Boiler
Compare the differences in technology.
SAMJIN HYDROHEAT proportional temperature control
Proportional temperature control and electrical usage control systems provide a pleasant indoor environment and low electricity usage.
Division Electric boiler temperature control(ON/OFF) Proportional temperature control of SAMJIN HYDROHEAT
전기보일러제어 비례온도제어
Indoor temperature 전기보일러제어 비례온도제어
Electric boiler temperature control(ON/OFF)
Boiler Control 전기보일러제어
Indoor temperature 전기보일러제어
Division Proportional temperature control of SAMJIN HYDROHEAT
Boiler Control 비례온도제어
Indoor temperature 비례온도제어
Technical use and benefits of SAMJIN HYDROHEAT
SAMJIN HYDROHEAT is saving energy 70% than general electric heater system
Technical use and benefits
Eco-friendly technology
Reducing carbon emission, New and renewable energy can be applied
• SAMJIN HYDROHEAT carbon emission 0.04
• Electricity usage is low, so electricity can be obtained from solar, hydro, and wind power..
Application of electric transport heating equipment • When SAMJIN HYDROHEAT is applied to electric vehicle heating field, electricity usage is lower than normal electric heater system.
• When applying heat pump principle to electric vehicle heating devices, battery usage increases as outdoor air temperature decreases.
Application of general appliances and industrial heating equipment • There are many markets that will be commercialized as first class of energy efficiency when applied to general household appliances due to low electricity usage.
• General dryer, styler, iron, electric port, hot water mat, etc.
• Application of industrial dryer, industrial warmer, industrial heater etc.
General, industrial, agricultural heating • Hospitals, buildings, government offices, offices, educational facilities, etc.
• Plastic house, agricultural dryer, hot air, etc.
• Industrial dryer, industrial warmer, industrial heater, etc.