Domestic Boiler
SAMJIN HYDROHEAT saves electric cost 70%
If you're using agricultural electricity, stores, industrial electricity,
SAMJIN HYDROHEAT reduces winter electricity usage by 70% compared to conventional electric boilers.
Solar power+SAMJIN HYDROHEAT + SAMJIN board = energy cost zero
6kW solar energy
one-day power output
6kw x 4(h) = 24kW/1day 삼진 하이드로히트 설치
Daily power consumption
0.9kw x 24(h) = 21.6kW/1day
Energy cost zero

※ Depending on the application environment, this data may vary
SAMJIN HYDROHEAT Technology and Principle
I'll let you know about the principle of SAMJIN HYDROHEAT

Comparison of Technology between Existing Boiler and SAMJIN HYDROHEAT

Comparison of Power Consumption of Heat with Electric Boiler and samjin hydroheat
Ambient air temperature -20℃ -10℃ 0℃ 10℃
Heating capacity 10,491kcal/h 8,173kcal/h 5,855kcal/h 3,538kcal/h
Electric boiler 200kW/1day 160kW/1day 115kW/1day 69kW/1day
Samjin hydroheat 33kW/day 31kW/day 28kW/day 22kW/day

[ Note ]
(1) Heating Load of a 40-pyeong Indoor Maintenance Temperature 23°C Building constructed on the basis of the KOREA 2018 Energy Saving Design Method
(2) Apply 1 kwh=860 kcal to the heat content of the electric boiler.
(3) It may vary depending on the use environment.
SAMJIN HYDROHEAT proportional temperature control
Proportional temperature control and electrical usage control systems provide a pleasant indoor environment and low electricity usage.
Division Electric boiler temperature control(ON/OFF) Proportional temperature control of SAMJIN HYDROHEAT
전기보일러제어 비례온도제어
Indoor temperature 전기보일러제어 비례온도제어
Electric boiler temperature control(ON/OFF)
Boiler Control 전기보일러제어
Indoor temperature 전기보일러제어
Division Proportional temperature control of SAMJIN HYDROHEAT
Boiler Control 비례온도제어
Indoor temperature 비례온도제어
Eco-friendly samjin hydroheat
Reduces carbon emissions by applying Samjin hydroheat technology.
SAMJIN hot water storage tank
Capacity of hot water storage tank : 30L/1 person X 4 person = 120L
SAMJIN hot water storage tank see details.

SAMJIN Board additional installation
Installing a SAMJIN board (dry panel) can further reduce
the electrical usage of the boiler by preventing heat loss to the floor.
SAMJIN Board see details

Samjin Hydroheat Domestic boiler
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