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Export SAMJIN Hydroheat to Russia
13-07-11 11:41
SJT exports SAMJIN Hydroheat to Russia!!
Russia, China, U.K., Germany, and Greece are just some of the countries which acknowledge SAMJIN Hydroheat, and it's technology.
Krasnoyarsk is a city in the middle of Syveria in Russia.
Temperatures there reach -50 degrees Celsius on winter.
In Russia, there are gas pipe lines in large cites, and people can use gas boilers.
But, in smaller cities without pipe lines, people can not use gas boilers.
Smaller cities must use electric energy for heating,  though the cost is high.
SAMJIN Hydroheat has a savings of 50% over general electric boilers.
Our first buyer was in the city of Krasnoyarsk, in Russia. in 1935 
The company started the business of bread making in 1935.
They have 4 big shops in the city.
SJT will export SAMJIN Hydroheat not only to Russia, but soon to the rest of the world as well.