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High fuel cost, lean year, you save money on energy cost.
13-07-11 11:30
Last Saturday in Korea, I saw a 1 hour program on KBS called," Human Condition".
On the show, 6 entertainers practiced saving water, and reducing waste in their domitory.
Human condition didn't use any electricity.
Actually, we use electric power on elevators, lights, and air conditions, to name but a few. 
High fuel cost, is expensive. 
We must look for alternative electric power.
Electric power supply is lower than electric energy we're using. 
We must save energy now.
SAMJIN Hydroheat can save energy cost on heating. 
SAMJIN Hydroeat has a savings of 50% over that of a general electric boiler system.  
We sell SAMJIN Hydroheat in Korea.
We will install SAMJIN Hydroheat at no cost. . 
Pay for it only after seeing the savings.