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Compare SAMJIN Hydroheat with general electric boilers, and electrode ion boilers.
13-06-27 21:06
SJT will explain how SAMJIN Hydroheat and general electric boilers operate,
1) First you need to understand the general electric boiler system. 
 General electric boilers use heater bars. The raw material of heater bars are nickel and chrome.
 Heater bars are heated by electric energy with electric resistance. Then heater bars heat water indirectly.  
2) In the case of SAMJIN Hydroheat, water is heated using only 10~50% electric energy, by water molecules moving.
3) General electric boilers and SAMJIN Hydroheat both use electric energy.
 But in the case of general electric boilers, 100% of electric energy is used to heat the water.
 In the case of SAMJIN Hydroheat, only 10~50% of electric energy is used to heat the water.
That's what SAMJIN HYDROHEAT developed.
4) SAMJIN Hydroheat and general electric boilers use electric energy.
 Electric energy is 1KW = 860 kcal. This will not change.
 If someone claims 1KW=1200kcal or more, it is not true.
 SAMJIN Hydroheat energy is also 1kw = 860 kcal.
 But SAMJIN Hydroheat use 10~50% electric energy and the remainder of the 90~50% energy is produced by molecules moving in  the water.  
5) What is the difference between general electric boilers and SAMJIN Hydroheat?
 It is not based on energy calories.
 SAMJIN Hydroheat controls electric power to heat water as well as electrode bars.
 If you use general electric boilers, you set the desired temperature.
 When the water reaches the desired temperature setting,
 It will shut down.
 With SAMJIN Hydroheat, you also set the desired temperature.
 When the water reaches the desired temperature,
 SAMJIN Hydroheat will control electric power with 1~2 amperage to keep the temperature at the desired level.
6) Testing SAMJIN Hydroheat and general electric boilers in similar conditions, you will discover the electric power savings between
 SAMJIN Hydroheat and general electric boilers.
 For example, if you test SAMJIN Hydroheat using 33KW and a general electric boiler using 33KW,
 the energy consumption of the SAMJIN Hydroheat is 13~17.5 KW/h, whereas the general electric boiler energy consumption is 33KW / h. 
7) The technology of SAMJIN Hydroheat is completely different from that of general electric boilers.
 Nowadays, we use the general electric boiler system with heater bars.
 If we have the chance from general electric boiler systems with heater bars, to  the SAMJIN Hydroheat system. there will be great savings.
 And the technology of SAMJIN Hydroheat can be applied over all industries.
8) What is the difference between SAMJIN Hydroheat and other electrode & ion boilers?
• Electric power can easily be changed automatically, or by hand. 
• It does not require special water.
• It cuts the cost of heating in half.